Shoulder Pain

Whilst shoulder pain may only account for 9% of the most common causes for chronic pain, anyone suffering from pain in the shoulder will tell you just how much a shoulder injury can affect your day to day activities. Below we shall discuss the most common causes for shoulder pain. Click on any of the links to the common causes to learn more as well as how the OSMO Patch may begin your journey to becoming Pain Free 100% Naturally!.

Is shoulder pain keeping you from exercising or going to the gym… interfering with your work… or possibly affecting your Sleep?

Did you know that out of all the common soft tissue injuries, shoulder pain would seem to account for one of the major causes of pain that directly impacts on the actual lifestyle and activities of many active individuals?

Before your shoulder pain were you generally an active person or just trying to keep fit?

Active individuals or people just trying to keep fit are often participating in sports or exercise and can understandably become very upset and frustrated when shoulder pain strikes them and reduces or even stops them from participating in these activities. If this is you then like so many others in your situation, you may have already made the mistake of trying to push through the pain…. just causing additional injury and resulting in further intense pain.

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Frustrated and feeling it’s unfair your injury occurred trying to participate in a healthy activity?

Often people feel that it may seem unusual or unfair that shoulder pain should develop in a person that is otherwise healthy and active; however it is often this very active nature that makes this target group extremely susceptible to shoulder injuries.

Did you know that identifying if your injury is acute or chronic could actually help expedite the recovery?

The onset of shoulder pain may be either ‘sudden and acute’ or ‘slow and chronic’ and identifying which of these categories your shoulder injury falls into can be very beneficial in identifying and eliminating the cause. This can then dramatically expedite the recovery.

Identifying what type of movements actually bring on or increase the intensity of the pain could also help to develop a strategy to assist with recovery!


You may find that the pain you’re experiencing from your shoulder injury is not prominent unless your arm is raised or some type of sudden movement or external weight is placed on the offending joint. Alternatively you may be experiencing ongoing intense pain even whilst resting. Either way, the level of pain resulting from a shoulder injury can be quite considerable, which you are probably and unfortunately already only too aware of.

Have a read of the list below; these are the most common causes of shoulder pain. Once you have identified your injury from the list (or if you just wish to learn more about a condition) then just simply click on the associated link to discover some of the possible activities or causes that should be avoided to reduce the risk of further injury.

We shall also discuss the existing treatment options… and see how the OSMO Patch, our 1oo% Natural treatment is ideal for supporting the reduction of inflammation and the relief of pain caused by many of these common shoulder injuries. You may also wish to watch the video provided to learn exactly how the OSMO Patch works.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain.

It can be said that most shoulder pain causes fall into four main categories: tendon tear or inflammation (bursitis or tendinitis), instability, wear & tear or fracture.

1. Shoulder Bursitis:

Bursae are small fluid filled sacs which act as cushions between the bones and overlying soft tissues, helping to reduce friction between the muscles and bones. Impact or overuse of the shoulder can cause these cushions to swell, inflame and sometimes tear. This condition is known as shoulder bursitis. Normal activities like getting dressed or combing your hair can become difficult. Shoulder bursitis is very often the cause of shoulder pain and together with tendonitis are conditions that fall into a group of shoulder injuries more broadly known as a ‘Rotator cuff injury’. For further information and to discover how the OSMO Patch can help relieve inflammation and the associated pain due to medically diagnosed shoulder bursitis simply click on the link below.

» Shoulder bursitis information
» Shoulder bursitis treatment

2. Tendonitis:

Tendons are cords connecting the muscles and the bones. Many cases of tendonitis occur due to the wearing of tendons in the rotator cuff of your shoulders. Excessive overhead activities in work and sports such as ball throwing can lead to tendonitis. Degenerative changes such as wear & tear can also cause tendonitis. For further information and to discover how the OSMO Patch can help relieve inflammation and the associated pain due to medically diagnosed shoulder tendonitis simply click on the link below.

» Shoulder tendonitis treatment

3. Instability:

Shoulder instability can happen when the upper arm bone gets dislocated from the shoulder socket. This condition usually occurs due to overuse of the shoulder or as a result of a sudden impact or injury. Treatment usually begins with physical therapy and rehab and will depend on age as well as if there has been any prior dislocation. In addition to strengthening exercises often cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medication is used. The OSMO Patch is a great natural substitute for painful cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medication.

4. Wear & Tear:

Shoulder pain can also be caused wear & tear. This will commonly tend to cause irritation leading to inflammation and shoulder bursitis.

5. Fractures or broken bones:

Fractures and breaks will usually cause extreme pain in the shoulders. Please consult your health care professional if you are experiencing this type of pain as such injuries need to be treated directly by a medical professional as soon as possible. (Whilst shoulder pain is predominantly due to a soft tissue injury you should always consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis to ensure there is not a more serious injury or underlying cause that may need immediate medical attention)

(Whilst shoulder pain is predominantly due to a soft tissue injury you should always consult a medical professional for a proper diagnosis to ensure there is not a more serious injury or underlying cause that may need immediate medical attention.)

Note: Not suitable for individuals with seafood or shellfish allergies.

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Real accounts by real people. Hear what they have to say!

Bursitis in shoulder & elbow

Hi, I have had bursitis in my right shoulder for more than 3 years, after about 6 months of physio, I still have a lot of pain. About 14 months ago I developed bursitis in the left shoulder and elbow, which causes me very disturbed sleeps, I had treatment with an Osteopath, the pain subsided only temporarily

I have used 9 of your patches, 2 on my elbow and the rest on my shoulder, the improvement in my shoulder has been amazing, I still have a lot of pain but the movement has improving so much that I don’t hesitate in getting dressed as previously just pulling a T-shirt over my head was painful.

Thank you so much and I hope more people find your website. What a blessing.

Tessa L
VIC, Australia
Shoulder Bursitis

I have had terrible bursitis pain in my right shoulder since Christmas eve, 2017. Have been on various analgesics (on and off) since with varying degrees of success. I stumbled upon your product a few days ago and thought “What the heck, I’ll give it a go as nothing else has worked”. I’ve used the […]

Allan W
NSW, Australia
Shoulder bursitis and tendentious

Eight years ago I had a work place accident and injured my left shoulder (bursitis and tendentious). After extensive physio & sports rehab the doctors advised me to get cortisone injections.  Not only was this a painful procedure, it didn’t work! I proceeded to have physio treatment off and on for the next 8 years, […]

Belinda W
SA, Australia
Shoulder bursa

Hello Toky, Thanks Toky. Last lot sure made a difference.  I was able to not be awakened by an aching bursa during the night.  One night before; was so bad that I had to sit in a lounge chair and ice my shoulder regularly through the night Told the doctor about the patches and twice […]

Al M
Southland, New Zealand
Tendonitis or bursitis

I have been prescribed XXXXXXXX 750mg for my shoulder. Tendonitis or bursitis, my Doctor said. The anti inflammatory meds were working well until I moved some furniture for my wife and then the pain came right back with a vengeance I put a patch on my shoulder last night and was amazed when I removed […]

Virginia, United States
Shoulder bursitis

Hi, Have been using the patches now for 6 days, just wanted to know how long to use them for. I imagined until the area no longer has any fluid on the patch, have had bursitis in shoulder for 5 weeks now, have had only a small relief so far, Cheers

United States
Shoulder Bursitis

I had a sudden case of Shoulder Bursitis, in fact, the Orthopaedic Surgeon said it was the most severe and immediate he had seen in years. He gave cortisone shot and Rx Narcotics that barely cut the pain. No sleep as pain worse at night. In my desperation for relief I searched the internet to […]

T. Mule
Colorado, United States
Shoulder Bursitis

I have worn the patch for 2 months and it has drained the fluid out of shoulder and reduced the pain significantly.

Steve R
TX, United States
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