Achilles Pain Treatment

Is Achilles pain stopping you from enjoying sports, exercise or keeping active in general?

Then it’s time to discover the OSMO Patch. Used in combination with proper rest the OSMO Patch is a natural approach to reducing inflammation and pain associated with Achilles injuries.

What’s more the OSMO Patch:

  • Provides Effective Achilles Pain Relief,
  • Is NON invasive
  • Is 100% Natural, and contains absolutely NO Drugs & Steroids,
  • Backed by a ‘No questions asked Money Back Guarantee’

Achilles pain is normally a result of either Achilles bursitis or Achilles tendonitis. Normal treatment includes rest, pain killers, non-steroid anti-inflammatory medications, injections with steroids or even surgery can sometimes be recommended.

Fortunately there is also now a natural alternative!

So if you are ready for a natural & effective approach to relieving inflammation and pain caused by Achilles pain then the OSMO Patch is the Answer!

ORDER the OSMO Patch Today!

Also if you would like to learn more about the main causes of Achilles pain then simply Click on any of the links below.

>> Achilles Bursitis
>> Achilles Tendonitis

Note: Not suitable for individuals with seafood or shellfish allergies.

OSMO Patch single pack

1 x 10 Pk OSMO Patch


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Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for individuals who have been medically diagnosed with Achilles bursitis or Achilles tendonitis. If you suspect that you have either Achilles bursitis or Achilles tendonitis then it is important to visit a qualified medical professional in order to rule out any other possible causes prior to considering any advice or treatment option.


Real accounts by real people. Hear what they have to say!

Hi Toky, The bursitis patches are starting to offer relief for my son’s heel. Thank you so much. He is finally looking on the bright side. Over the past month he has had 2 drainages, 2 cortisone shots, and referred to 2 different specialists. The end result was either an operation to shave the bone, […]

- Colleen O, NSW, Australia

Dear Wonderful Mediwise Pty. Ltd., My brother bought your patches for the bursitis in my heel.  After the first patch on Tuesday, I saw no results.  After the second patch I was actually worse.  Then while wearing the third patch yesterday, I was thrilled to see improvement…so much so that I cancelled the appointment that […]

- Judy B, Georgia, United States

I am having some success with your OSMO patches, and have just ordered another set.  Here is my testimonial which you are free to use as you may wish: I have always been an active person, and about 2 years ago I strained both my achilles tendons.  Physio and care fixed the problem, but I […]

- Dave Livingstone, British Columbia, Canada

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